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Bunny Ear-White

Bunny Ear-White

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Plant Type: Cacti
Plant Height: 1-2 feet
Spread: 2-3 feet
Flower Color: white
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


The Bunny Ear-White Cactus, scientifically known as Opuntia microdasys 'Albata', is a variety of the Bunny Ear Cactus distinguished by its white spines. Native to Mexico, this cactus is favored for its distinctive pad-like stems and ease of care, making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

The Bunny Ear-White Cactus typically grows to about 1 to 2 feet in height and spreads 2 to 3 feet wide. It features oval to round pads that resemble the shape of rabbit ears, giving the plant its common name. The pads are a bright green and can proliferate, creating a dense, shrubby appearance.

One of the most striking characteristics of this cactus variety is its spines. The 'Albata' variety is covered in dense clusters of white glochids (tiny, barbed spines) that give the pads a fuzzy appearance. While these glochids add to the plant's aesthetic appeal, they can be irritating to the skin if touched.

Flowering in the Bunny Ear-White Cactus is infrequent, especially in cultivation. When it does flower, it produces yellow blooms. However, the primary appeal of this cactus lies in its unique shape and spine coloration.

This cactus prefers full sun to partial shade and thrives in well-draining soil. It is drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering, making it a great choice for xeriscaping, rock gardens, and as a container plant for patios or indoors. Care should be taken when handling the plant to avoid contact with the glochids.

Overall, the Bunny Ear-White Cactus is a low-maintenance and visually appealing plant, perfect for adding a touch of desert charm to any setting. Its distinctive pad shape and white spines make it a favorite among cactus enthusiasts and gardeners looking for an attractive, drought-tolerant addition to their plant collection.

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