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Sea Green Juniper

Sea Green Juniper

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Plant Type: shrub
Plant Height: 4-6 feet
Spread: 6-8 feet
Flower Color: 
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Sea Green Juniper, scientifically known as Juniperus chinensis 'Sea Green', is an attractive, evergreen shrub known for its unique fountain-like growth habit and rich green, needle-like foliage. This cultivar of the Chinese Juniper is prized for its arching branches that create a dense, yet graceful, mounded form, making it an excellent choice for foundation plantings, hedges, and as a standout specimen in landscape designs.

Growing to about 4 to 6 feet tall with a wider spread of 6 to 8 feet, the Sea Green Juniper's arching branches provide both texture and movement in the garden. Its foliage retains a deep green color throughout the year, offering continuous visual interest and contrast against other plants or landscape features.

Adapted to full sun, 'Sea Green' thrives in a variety of soil types, provided they are well-draining. It is notably drought-tolerant once established and requires minimal care, making it suitable for low-maintenance landscapes. This juniper variety is also resistant to many of the pests and diseases that can affect other evergreens, adding to its appeal for gardeners seeking resilient landscaping options.

In landscaping, the Sea Green Juniper is often utilized for its sculptural quality and versatility. It can serve as an effective ground cover on slopes for erosion control, as part of a mixed border for added texture and structure, or as a foundation planting where its arching growth can complement architectural features. Its dense growth habit also makes it a good choice for privacy screens or windbreaks.

Overall, the Sea Green Juniper is a durable and visually appealing shrub, ideal for adding year-round color, texture, and structure to the landscape. Its ease of care, drought tolerance, and distinctive form make it a favored choice among gardeners and landscape designers looking to create impactful, low-maintenance garden designs.

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