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Red Justica

Red Justica

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Plant Type: shrub
Plant Height: 3-5 feet
Spread: 3-5 feet
Flower Color: bright red
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


Red Justicia, a variant of Justicia brandegeeana commonly referred to as the 'Red' Shrimp Plant, is an evergreen shrub notable for its unique flower bracts that resemble the shape of shrimp, hence the name. This particular variety stands out for its bright red bracts, which contrast beautifully with the white flowers that emerge from within. Native to Mexico, this plant is a popular choice for adding vibrant color and texture to garden landscapes.

Growing to about 3 to 5 feet in height and width, Red Justicia forms an upright, bushy silhouette that can be pruned to encourage denser growth. Its foliage consists of bright green leaves that provide a lush background for the striking red bracts. The plant blooms prolifically in warmer months, offering a long-lasting display of color from spring through fall.

Adapted to full sun to partial shade, the Red Shrimp Plant thrives in well-draining soil and prefers a consistent moisture level, although it is relatively drought-tolerant once established. It benefits from regular fertilization during the growing season to promote vigorous growth and flowering.

In landscaping, Red Justicia is often used in mixed borders, tropical-themed gardens, or as a specimen plant. Its compact size makes it suitable for container gardening, allowing it to be placed on patios, balconies, or near entryways where its unique flowering bracts can be enjoyed up close. Additionally, it is effective in attracting hummingbirds and butterflies, adding to its appeal as a garden plant.

Overall, Red Justicia (Justicia brandegeeana 'Red') is a low-maintenance and attractive shrub, ideal for gardeners looking to add a touch of tropical beauty and vibrant color to their outdoor spaces. Its striking red bracts, ease of care, and adaptability to a range of growing conditions make it a popular choice for creating visually engaging garden displays.

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