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Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker

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Plant Type: perennial
Plant Height: 2-5 feet
Spread: 1-3 feet
Flower Color: red-orange or yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


Red Hot Poker is a member of the Asphodelaceae family and is native to South Africa. It's highly valued in gardens for its unique and eye-catching flowers, as well as its ability to attract pollinators.

The most notable feature of Red Hot Poker is its flower spikes. These spikes are dense clusters of tubular flowers that open from the bottom up, creating a striking gradient effect. The flowers are typically vibrant, with colors ranging from fiery red and orange to warm yellows, often combining these hues on a single spike. The blooming period is usually in the summer, but some species and varieties may have different bloom times.

In addition to its spectacular blooms, Red Hot Poker has grass-like foliage that forms a clump at the base of the plant. This foliage is generally evergreen in warmer climates, adding textural interest to the garden year-round.

Red Hot Poker plants are great for adding vertical interest in perennial borders, mixed beds, and can be stunning when planted in groups. They're also suitable for rock gardens and coastal gardens due to their tolerance of poor soils and windy conditions.

These plants prefer well-drained soil and are drought-tolerant once established, making them suitable for water-wise gardens. They thrive in full sun and require minimal care, though deadheading spent flowers can promote more blooms.

Overall, Red Hot Poker plants are appreciated for their dramatic flowers, ease of care, and ability to add height and color to a variety of garden settings. Their distinctive blooms make them a favorite among gardeners looking to create a focal point in their landscapes.

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