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Plant Type: ground cover
Plant Height: 4-6 inches
Spread: 5-9 feet
Flower Color: white or pale pink
Sun Exposure: Full Sun or Partial Shade

Myoporum, also known as Myoporum parvifolium or Creeping Boobialla, is a versatile and low-maintenance ground cover plant that can thrive in the Arizona landscape, particularly in regions with a hot and arid climate. Known for its delicate foliage and ability to form a dense mat of greenery, Myoporum adds a touch of lushness, versatility, and water-wise landscaping to gardens and outdoor spaces.

One of the most distinctive features of Myoporum is its small, lance-shaped leaves that create a dense mat of foliage. The foliage is typically bright green, providing a carpet-like appearance to the ground cover. Myoporum is well-suited to Arizona's hot and arid climate, thriving in full sun and requiring well-drained soil. This plant is known for its drought tolerance once established, making it a valuable choice for water-wise landscaping and xeriscaping.

Myoporum can serve multiple purposes in landscaping, including as a ground cover, erosion control plant, or a filler in rock gardens. It forms a dense and low-growing mat that effectively covers the soil and helps reduce weed growth.

Maintenance of Myoporum is relatively low, and it includes occasional pruning to shape the ground cover and remove any dead or overgrown branches. It's a versatile and low-maintenance choice for Arizona landscapes, especially in regions with a hot and arid climate. Its ability to create a lush ground cover, conserve soil moisture, and require minimal care makes it a valuable addition to gardens and outdoor spaces, adding both visual beauty and practicality to the desert environment.

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