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Mock Orange

Mock Orange

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Plant Type: shrub
Plant Height: 4-8 feet
Spread: 4-8 feet
Flower Color: white-yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


Mock Orange is a deciduous shrub that's highly valued for its beautiful, fragrant flowers which appear in late spring to early summer. It belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family and is native to various regions including parts of Europe, Asia, and North America.

One of the most striking features of Mock Orange is its blooms. The flowers are typically white, with four petals, and exude a strong, sweet fragrance reminiscent of orange blossoms, hence the name "Mock Orange". The blooming period is relatively short but very showy, and the flowers are known to attract bees and butterflies.

In addition to its fragrant flowers, Mock Orange has bright green foliage that adds a lush appearance to the shrub. The leaves are usually oval-shaped and sometimes have a slightly toothed edge. In fall, the foliage typically turns yellow, adding autumn interest to the garden.

Mock Orange is versatile and can be used in various landscape applications. It's ideal for planting in mixed borders, as a specimen plant, or in foundation plantings. Due to its fragrant flowers, it's also a great choice for planting near patios or windows where the scent can be enjoyed.

This shrub prefers well-drained soil and is relatively drought-tolerant once established. It thrives in full sun to partial shade and benefits from regular pruning immediately after flowering to maintain its shape and encourage more prolific blooming.

Overall, Mock Orange is appreciated for its delightful fragrance, attractive blooms, and ease of care. Its ability to provide a sensory experience, coupled with its adaptability to a variety of garden styles, makes it a popular choice among gardeners.

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