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Hibiscus Red

Hibiscus Red

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Plant Type: shrub
Plant Height: 4-8 feet
Spread: 3-6 feet
Flower Color: deep red
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


Hibiscus 'Red', a stunning variety of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, is renowned for its large, eye-catching deep red blooms that add a dramatic splash of color to any garden. This tropical shrub is a favorite among gardeners for its bold flowers, lush green foliage, and its ability to bring a touch of the tropics to temperate landscapes.

Growing to about 4 to 8 feet tall and 3 to 6 feet wide, Hibiscus 'Red' forms an upright, bushy shrub that can serve as a magnificent specimen plant, an attractive addition to mixed borders, or as a vibrant hedge. The deep red flowers, which can be several inches in diameter, bloom from late spring through fall, providing a long-lasting display of color. The blooms contrast beautifully against the glossy green leaves, making this plant a focal point wherever it is planted.

Adapted to full sun to partial shade, Hibiscus 'Red' thrives in well-draining, fertile soil. It prefers consistent moisture to maintain its best growth and bloom production but is relatively drought-tolerant once established. Regular fertilization during the growing season supports vigorous flowering and healthy foliage.

In landscaping, 'Red' Hibiscus is often used to create a tropical ambiance in gardens, enhancing patios, pool areas, and other outdoor living spaces with its striking blooms. It is also suitable for container gardening, allowing for flexibility in placement and the option to move plants indoors in regions where they are not winter-hardy.

Overall, Hibiscus 'Red' is a low-maintenance and highly decorative plant, ideal for gardeners looking to add vibrant color, texture, and a tropical flair to their outdoor spaces. Its striking red blooms, ease of care, and adaptability to a range of growing conditions make it a popular choice for creating dynamic and colorful garden displays.

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