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Golden Saguaro

Golden Saguaro

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Plant Type: Cacti
Plant Height: 15-50 feet
Spread: 10-20 feet
Flower Color: white or cream
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Golden Saguaro, scientifically known as Carnegiea gigantea 'Aurea', is a rare, naturally occurring color variant of the iconic Saguaro cactus. Native to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and parts of Mexico, this cactus is renowned for its striking golden or yellowish spines, in contrast to the typical white or gray spines of the common Saguaro.

In its natural habitat, the Golden Saguaro can reach towering heights of 15 to 50 feet, growing at a slow rate over many years. It features a tall, columnar trunk with branching arms that may develop as the cactus matures. The body of the cactus is ribbed, allowing for expansion and contraction as water is absorbed and used.

The most notable feature of the Golden Saguaro is its bright golden or yellowish spines, which cover the ribs and provide the cactus with a glowing appearance, especially when backlit by the sun.

Like its common counterpart, the Golden Saguaro blooms with large, white or cream flowers that open at night and close by the next midday. These blooms usually appear in late spring and early summer and are pollinated primarily by bats. The flowers are followed by red, fleshy fruits that are edible and have been traditionally harvested by indigenous peoples.

The Golden Saguaro requires full sun and well-drained soil. It is adapted to the hot, dry conditions of the desert and is extremely drought-tolerant. Due to its slow growth rate and large mature size, it is often a centerpiece in desert landscapes and large open spaces.

In cultivation outside its native range, the Golden Saguaro is a prized specimen for its unique coloration and majestic presence. It is used in landscaping as a focal point or as part of a cactus and succulent collection. This cactus is best suited for large, open areas where it can grow without constraints and is often seen as a symbol of the American Southwest.

Overall, the Golden Saguaro is a magnificent and rare plant, valued for its striking appearance, cultural significance, and adaptability to harsh desert environments. It adds a unique and majestic element to any landscape where it can be accommodated.

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