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Foxtail Agave

Foxtail Agave

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Plant Type: Agaves
Plant Height: 4-5 feet
Spread: 6-8 feet
Flower Color: greenish yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


Foxtail Agave, known botanically as Agave attenuata, is a distinctive and popular succulent native to central Mexico. It is well-loved for its dramatic, architectural form and its unique, curved flower spike that resembles a foxtail, from which it gets its common name.

One of the most notable characteristics of the Foxtail Agave is its rosette of smooth, spineless leaves. The leaves are a pale green or blue-green color, and they have a soft, pliable texture, which is a departure from the typical sharp-edged agaves. This makes the Foxtail Agave a safer choice for gardens where people or pets may come into close contact with the plant.

Foxtail Agave is particularly known for its spectacular flower spike. Unlike other agaves that produce upright spikes, the Foxtail Agave's spike arches over, giving it a distinctive, curved appearance. The flowers are greenish-yellow to pale green and bloom in the summer. After flowering, which can take many years to occur, the main rosette typically dies but is replaced by offshoots or "pups."

This plant is ideal for a range of garden styles, including modern landscapes, Mediterranean gardens, and as a specimen in rock gardens. It thrives in well-drained soil and prefers a sunny to partially shaded location. While it is more shade-tolerant than many agaves, it does best with some sun exposure.

Foxtail Agave is drought-tolerant once established, but it benefits from regular watering during the growing season. It is not as cold-hardy as some other agave species, so it may need protection in cooler climates.

Overall, the Foxtail Agave is valued for its unique, smooth foliage, dramatic flowering spike, and adaptability to a variety of landscape settings. Its ability to provide a sculptural and tropical element to gardens makes it a popular choice for gardeners looking to add an exotic touch to their outdoor spaces.

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