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Hibiscus Florida Sunset

Hibiscus Florida Sunset

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Plant Type: shrub
Plant Height: 4-6 feet
Spread: 3-5 feet
Flower Color: orange
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Hibiscus 'Florida Sunset' is a striking and popular ornamental plant, beloved for its bold and colorful blooms. A member of the Malvaceae family, this variety is a standout due to its large, showy flowers that can make a dramatic statement in any garden.

The most remarkable feature of the Florida Sunset Hibiscus is its flowers. The blooms are typically large and vividly colored, with a bright orange hue blending into a deep red at the center. These eye-catching flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds, adding to the dynamism of any garden space.

In addition to its stunning flowers, the Florida Sunset Hibiscus has dark green, glossy leaves that provide a lush backdrop to the vivid blooms. The contrast between the foliage and the flowers is visually striking and adds to the plant's ornamental appeal.

Hibiscus 'Florida Sunset' is well-suited for use as a specimen plant in gardens, and its moderate size makes it appropriate for various landscape settings, including borders and container gardens. It thrives best in well-drained soil and requires regular watering, especially during dry periods. Pruning in early spring can help maintain its shape and promote healthier, more abundant blooms.

Overall, the Hibiscus 'Florida Sunset' is prized for its spectacular flowers and ease of care. It's a fantastic choice for gardeners looking to add a tropical flair and a splash of color to their outdoor spaces. Whether planted in the ground or grown in large containers, it's sure to be a focal point in any setting.

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