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Eureka Lemon

Eureka Lemon

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Plant Type: Citrus
Plant Height: 10-20 feet
Spread: 10-15 feet
Flower Color: bright yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Eureka Lemon, scientifically known as Citrus limon 'Eureka', is a popular citrus tree widely cultivated for its juicy, acidic lemons. This variety is known for its year-round fruit production, making it a favorite among home gardeners and commercial growers.

In cultivation, Eureka Lemon trees typically grow to about 10 to 20 feet in height and spread 10 to 15 feet, forming a round, open canopy. The leaves are glossy, dark green, and the tree produces fragrant white flowers. The blooms are often followed by fruit set throughout the year, although the heaviest production is usually in late winter to early spring.

The fruit of the Eureka Lemon is what makes this tree particularly desirable. The lemons are bright yellow when ripe, with a classic lemon shape and a prominent nipple at the end. The skin is textured, and the interior is filled with acidic, juicy pulp, high in vitamin C. Eureka Lemons are known for their few seeds, making them ideal for culinary use, whether in cooking, baking, or beverages.

Eureka Lemon trees thrive in full sun and prefer well-draining soil. They require regular watering but are sensitive to overwatering. Being a citrus tree, they are also sensitive to frost and may need protection in cooler climates.

In landscaping, Eureka Lemon trees are often planted in home gardens, orchards, and can be potted for patio or terrace growing. They are valued not only for their delicious fruit but also for their ornamental qualities, with lush foliage, fragrant flowers, and visually appealing fruit.

Overall, the Eureka Lemon tree is a valuable and versatile addition to any garden, providing year-round interest and a continuous supply of fresh lemons. Its adaptability to different growing conditions and relatively easy maintenance make it a popular choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

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