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Confetti Lantana

Confetti Lantana

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Plant Type: perennial
Plant Height: 1-3 feet
Spread: 1-3 feet
Flower Color: pink, purple, orange, yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


Confetti Lantana, scientifically known as Lantana camara 'Confetti', is a vibrant and colorful perennial plant celebrated for its multicolored flower clusters that bring a lively burst of color to any garden setting. Known for its heat and drought tolerance, Confetti Lantana is a popular choice for gardeners looking to add long-lasting color and texture to their landscapes, as well as attract butterflies and other pollinators.

Growing to about 1 to 3 feet in both height and spread, 'Confetti' forms a dense, bushy mound of green foliage that serves as a backdrop to the continuously blooming flowers from spring through fall. The flowers are small, closely set, and come in a dazzling mix of pink, purple, orange, and yellow, changing colors as they mature and creating a dynamic display that resembles confetti.

Adapted to full sun, Confetti Lantana thrives in well-draining soil and is notably drought-tolerant once established, making it an excellent choice for xeriscapes and water-wise gardens. It is a robust plant that can withstand the challenging conditions of hot, sunny climates, and it's often used in areas where other plants might struggle.

In landscaping, Confetti Lantana is often utilized in mixed borders, as ground cover, in container gardens, or as part of butterfly and pollinator-friendly gardens. Its compact growth habit makes it suitable for small spaces, and its colorful blooms add visual interest to patios, decks, and outdoor living areas.

Overall, Confetti Lantana is a low-maintenance, attractive plant ideal for adding a splash of color, attracting wildlife, and creating interest in sunny garden areas. Its ease of care, adaptability to a range of growing conditions, and vibrant, multicolored flowers make it a popular choice for gardeners seeking to create impactful and sustainable landscapes.

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