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Chocolate Flower

Chocolate Flower

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Plant Type: perennial
Plant Height: 12-18 inches
Spread: 12-24 inches
Flower Color: yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Chocolate Flower, scientifically known as Berlandiera lyrata, is a delightful perennial native to the Great Plains and Southwestern United States. It earns its name from the rich, chocolate-like fragrance emitted by its daisy-like flowers, especially strong in the early morning. This plant is highly valued not only for its aromatic blooms but also for its drought tolerance and ease of care, making it a favored choice for xeriscaping and naturalistic garden designs.

Growing to about 12 to 18 inches tall and spreading 12 to 24 inches wide, Chocolate Flower forms a low, bushy mound of green foliage. The leaves are slightly hairy, lending a soft texture to the plant. From late spring through fall, it produces abundant yellow flowers with a distinctive maroon center, attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Berlandiera lyrata thrives in full sun and prefers well-draining soil. It is extremely drought-tolerant once established, requiring minimal supplemental watering. This resilience, combined with its ability to adapt to a variety of soil types, including poor soils, makes it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking low-maintenance, water-wise planting options.

In landscaping, the Chocolate Flower is often used in wildflower meadows, rock gardens, and borders. Its fragrant flowers and long blooming season make it a valuable addition to pollinator gardens and sunny beds. Additionally, its ability to reseed under optimal conditions can lead to naturalized plantings that enhance the landscape with minimal effort.

Overall, the Chocolate Flower is a charming and versatile plant, offering a unique combination of visual appeal and aromatic delight. Its ease of care, drought tolerance, and attractiveness to wildlife make it an ideal choice for gardeners looking to add sustainable and sensory-rich elements to their outdoor spaces.

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