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Canna Lily

Canna Lily

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Plant Type: perennial
Plant Height: 2-6 feet
Spread: 1.5-2 feet
Flower Color: red, orange, yellow, pink
Sun Exposure: Full sun, Partial Shade


Canna Lilies, belonging to the genus Canna, are not true lilies but are striking, tropical-looking perennials known for their bold foliage and vibrant flowers. Native to the Americas, these plants are valued for their ability to add a splash of color and architectural interest to garden landscapes, water features, and container plantings.

Canna Lilies can vary significantly in height, ranging from compact varieties that are about 2 feet tall to larger types that can reach up to 6 feet. Their broad, paddle-shaped leaves are a feature in themselves, coming in shades of green, bronze, or striking variegated patterns. From mid-summer to early fall, Cannas produce showy flowers atop tall stalks, available in a spectrum of colors from red and orange to yellow, pink, and even multicolored varieties. The flowers are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, adding to the plant's ornamental value.

Adapted to full sun to partial shade, Canna Lilies prefer moist, well-draining soil and thrive in warm, humid conditions. They are relatively easy to care for, requiring regular watering, especially during dry periods, and benefit from the application of a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to support their vigorous growth and flowering.

In landscaping, Canna Lilies are used for their dramatic foliage and flowers in tropical-themed gardens, as accents in mixed borders, or as standalone features in large containers. They are also effective when planted en masse along walkways or in garden beds where their height and color can be fully appreciated.

Overall, Canna Lilies are versatile and attractive perennials that bring a touch of the tropics to temperate gardens. Their ease of care, combined with their dramatic appearance and ability to attract pollinators, makes them a popular choice for gardeners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with vibrant colors and textures.

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