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Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

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Plant Type: shrub
Plant Height: 6-12 feet
Spread: 4-15 feet
Flower Color: purple, blue, pink, white and red
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


Butterfly Bush is a deciduous shrub, native to China, that is widely cultivated for its attractive flowers and ability to draw butterflies into the garden. The plant gets its name from the numerous butterflies it attracts when in bloom, making it a favorite in butterfly gardens.

The most striking feature of the Butterfly Bush is its long, panicle-like clusters of flowers, which bloom from summer to autumn. These fragrant flowers are rich in nectar, making them highly appealing to butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. The variety in flower colors allows gardeners to choose a hue that complements their garden's color scheme.

In addition to its flowers, the Butterfly Bush has gray-green to green foliage, which provides a neutral backdrop that highlights the vivid colors of the blooms. The plant's overall form can be somewhat sprawling, and it benefits from regular pruning to maintain shape and encourage more dense flowering.

Butterfly Bush is a fast-growing and hardy plant, adaptable to a variety of soil types, though it prefers well-drained soil. It is drought-tolerant once established and can thrive with minimal care, making it a great choice for low-maintenance gardens.

In landscaping, the Butterfly Bush is used for its ornamental value and wildlife appeal. It can be planted as a specimen shrub, in mixed borders, or in butterfly and pollinator gardens. While it's a beautiful and beneficial addition to many gardens, it's important to note that in some areas, Buddleja davidii can be invasive, so gardeners should check local guidelines before planting.

Overall, the Butterfly Bush is valued for its ease of care, rapid growth, and the beauty and ecological benefits it brings to the garden. Its ability to attract a wide array of pollinators, particularly butterflies, makes it a must-have for nature enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

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