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Buckhorn Cholla

Buckhorn Cholla

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Plant Type: Cacti
Plant Height: 3-6 feet
Spread: 3-5 feet
Flower Color: greenish-yellow, pink, red
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Buckhorn Cholla, scientifically known as Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa, is a striking and hardy cactus native to the deserts of the Southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. It is known for its distinctive branching pattern and formidable spines.

Growing to about 3 to 6 feet in height and spreading 3 to 5 feet, the Buckhorn Cholla forms a dense, shrub-like appearance with cylindrical, jointed branches. The branches are covered with long, sharp spines, which can be a hazard if not handled carefully. The spines often have a 'buckhorn' appearance, hence the cactus's common name.

One of the interesting features of the Buckhorn Cholla is its flowers. The cactus blooms in late spring to early summer, producing greenish-yellow, pink, or red flowers that are quite attractive. These blooms are often followed by dry fruits that persist on the plant.

This cactus thrives in full sun and requires well-drained soil. It is highly drought-tolerant and needs minimal watering once established, making it an excellent choice for xeriscaping and desert landscaping. The Buckhorn Cholla is also known for its ability to tolerate extreme heat and poor soil conditions.

In landscaping, the Buckhorn Cholla is used for its sculptural quality and as a barrier plant due to its spiny nature. It can be a striking addition to rock gardens, cactus gardens, or as an accent in a dry garden setting.

Overall, the Buckhorn Cholla is a fascinating and low-maintenance plant, ideal for adding texture and interest to drought-tolerant landscapes. Its striking form, colorful blooms, and adaptability to harsh environments make it a valuable addition to any garden in suitable climates. However, due to its sharp spines, it should be placed where it will not pose a risk to people or pets.

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