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Bradford Pear

Bradford Pear

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Plant Type: tree
Plant Height: 30-50 feet
Spread: 20-30 feet
Flower Color: white
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


The Bradford Pear, a cultivar of Pyrus calleryana, is known for its distinctive shape and showy spring blooms. Originally developed for its ornamental value, it has become both popular and controversial in landscaping.

This tree is admired for its profuse white flowers that appear in early spring, covering the tree in a dense, snowy display. The flowers are small but numerous, creating an eye-catching spectacle. However, they are often noted for their unpleasant scent. In the fall, the foliage turns a vibrant mix of red, orange, and purple, adding seasonal interest to the landscape.

The Bradford Pear is characterized by its symmetrical, pyramidal shape when young, which becomes broader and more rounded as it matures. While this shape is visually appealing, it is also a structural weakness. The tree's branches grow at narrow angles to the trunk and are prone to splitting, especially under the weight of snow or in high winds.

Initially, the Bradford Pear was celebrated for its rapid growth and adaptability to various environmental conditions, including different soil types and urban pollution. However, it's become problematic due to its invasive nature. The tree can spread aggressively in some areas, outcompeting native plants and disrupting local ecosystems.

Due to these concerns, some regions discourage or even prohibit planting Bradford Pears. If considering this tree for landscaping, it's advisable to check local guidelines and consider alternatives, especially native species that provide similar aesthetic benefits without the ecological downsides.

Despite its beauty, the Bradford Pear's susceptibility to breakage and its invasive potential make it a less favorable choice compared to more sustainable and resilient tree options.

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