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Blue Leaf Wattle

Blue Leaf Wattle

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Plant Type: Plants & Trees
Plant Height: 20-30 feet
Spread: 15-20 feet
Flower Color: Creamy White
Sun Exposure: Full Sun


Acacia salicina, commonly known as the Blue Leaf Wattle, is a fast-growing, evergreen tree native to Australia. It is particularly noted for its striking blue-green leaves that provide a beautiful contrast in garden settings. This species is a member of the Acacia family, renowned for their hardiness and adaptability to various environments.

The Blue Leaf Wattle blooms in the fall and winter, producing an abundance of creamy-white, puffball-like flowers. These blossoms are not only visually appealing but also emit a pleasant, sweet fragrance, attracting bees and other pollinators to the garden. Following the flowering period, the plant produces seed pods that are also quite ornamental.

This tree is highly valued for its drought tolerance, making it an excellent choice for water-wise gardens and xeriscaping. It adapts well to a range of soil types, though it prefers well-draining conditions. The Blue Leaf Wattle is also used for erosion control, as its root system helps stabilize the soil.

In landscaping, Acacia salicina can be utilized in various ways. It's an excellent choice for use as a specimen tree due to its unique foliage and attractive flowers. It also works well in mixed shrub borders, providing height and a splash of color. Additionally, due to its size and spreading canopy, it's often used to provide shade in parks and large gardens.

The Blue Leaf Wattle is relatively low-maintenance, requiring little care once established. It's an ideal choice for gardeners looking to add a touch of elegance to their landscape, especially in regions with dry climates. Its combination of beauty, resilience, and environmental benefits makes it a popular choice in both residential and commercial landscapes.

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