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Anacacho Orchid Tree

Anacacho Orchid Tree

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Plant Type: tree
Plant Height: 6-12 feet
Spread: 6-10 feet
Flower Color: white to pale pink
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


The Anacacho Orchid Tree, Bauhinia lunarioides, is a captivating small tree or large shrub native to the limestone cliffs of western Texas and northeastern Mexico. It is highly valued for its ornamental qualities, including its delicate, orchid-like flowers and distinctive, butterfly-shaped leaves.

Growing to about 6 to 12 feet tall, with the potential to reach up to 15 feet under optimal conditions, the Anacacho Orchid Tree forms a multi-stemmed, open canopy that can spread 6 to 10 feet wide. Its foliage is light to medium green, offering a lush backdrop for the profusion of blooms that appear in spring. Depending on the specific variety, the flowers can range from white to pale pink, creating a stunning visual display that attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

This tree thrives in full sun to partial shade, preferring well-draining soil. It is notably drought-tolerant once established, making it a suitable choice for xeriscaping and water-wise garden designs. The Anacacho Orchid Tree can adapt to a range of soil types, including limestone-based soils, which mirrors its native habitat.

In landscaping, the Anacacho Orchid Tree is often used as a specimen plant, in native plant gardens, or as part of mixed shrub borders. Its moderate size and attractive appearance make it a versatile choice for residential landscapes, offering year-round interest with its unique foliage and seasonal blooms.

Overall, the Anacacho Orchid Tree is an exceptional plant for gardeners looking to add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to their outdoor spaces. Its drought tolerance, ease of care, and striking ornamental features make it a favored choice in regions that can mimic its native desert environment, as well as among enthusiasts of native and drought-tolerant plantings.

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