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Agave Potatorum

Agave Potatorum

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Plant Type: Agaves
Plant Height: 1-2 feet
Spread: 2-3 feet
Flower Color: yellow
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade


Agave Potatorum is admired for its compact, symmetrical rosette of thick, fleshy leaves. The leaves are typically a blue-green or gray-green color, with a powdery or waxy surface, and often feature attractive patterns of white markings. The leaf margins are lined with small teeth, and each leaf culminates in a sharp terminal spine.

This agave's ornamental appeal and moderate size make it a popular choice for rock gardens, succulent collections, and as a striking standalone specimen in both in-ground and container gardens. It's especially favored for small gardens or spaces where a full-sized agave would be too large.

Native to Mexico, Agave Potatorum is adapted to arid conditions and requires well-drained soil. It is drought-tolerant and thrives with minimal watering, making it a great choice for xeriscaping and water-efficient gardening.

The flowering of Agave Potatorum is an infrequent event. When it does flower, the plant produces a tall, dramatic spike, often reaching several feet in height, with clusters of yellow flowers. This event attracts a variety of pollinators but signifies the end of the plant's life cycle. However, before dying, it typically produces offsets, or "pups," which can be replanted.

Overall, Agave Potatorum is a low-maintenance, visually appealing plant that adds a sculptural element to landscapes and gardens. Its unique leaf formation and drought tolerance make it a valuable addition to gardens in dry, sunny climates.

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